Chris Rock Talks to TIME

Chris Rock is 47, rich, a suburban father of two daughters, and starring in his third family-friendly Madagascar movie, but he still thrums with the same indignant energy he had when he first stalked the stage in the stand-up special that made his name, Bring the Pain.

Arriving at a swanky suite at New York City’s Waldorf Astoria hotel for his interview, he noted that he saw fewer and fewer black folks as he journeyed from his home in New Jersey to midtown Manhattan. “The closer I get to money, the fewer black people I see.”

Chris Rock Talks ‘Madagascar 3’ and Plays Hallway Golf

Chris Rock stopped by Studio 6B to talk about his new movie Madagascar 3 and his feelings on the election, plus he played Jimmy in a round of Hallway Golf. You're guaranteed to laugh!

Chris Rock: ‘I wanted to be king of the jungle’

Funny man Chris Rock returns to the big screen as a wisecracking zebra in the upcoming “Madagascar 3” and tells TODAY’s Ann Curry that if he could choose to be any animal, his first choice would have been a little less striped.

London Rocks

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Rock, Stiller come to Cannes with 'Madagascar'

CANNES, France — It's taken an animated trilogy about a gang of zoo animals to bring Ben Stiller and Chris Rock together.

Two of the most influential comedians over the last two decades, they have seemingly always orbited in the same world — both New York performers about the same age — but have hardly ever collaborated.

"We cross paths," Rock says of their roles in "Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted." "We're cowboys. We see each other at the saloon."

Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell gets a premiere date

It’s official! FX has finalized the schedule for its late-night comedy series executive produced by Chris Rock and starring comedian W. Kamau Bell. Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell will premiere on Thursday, Aug. 9 at 11 pm EST. The show, which Laughspin announced in March, will star Bell along with other contributors sharing commentary and sketch comedy that dissects the topics that have long been the cornerstone of the San Francisco native’s stand-up routine: politics, pop culture, race, religion and the media.

Chris Rock Presents Comedy Special Of The Year

Chris Rock introduces the nominees for Comedy Special of The Year at Comedy Central's Comedy Awards

The 2012 Comedy Awards

Rock Relishes a Rare Turn as Straight Man

By STEVE DOLLAR, Wall Street Journal

Chris Rock is the secret weapon in "2 Days in New York." In the sequel to director Julie Delpy's romantic comedy of 2007, "2 Days in Paris," Ms. Delpy's character invites her eccentric family to New York for a weekend that turns everyone's life upside down. Mr. Rock, who is 47, plays her journalist husband, Mingus, with whom she's raising a young, mixed family and trying to balance a quirky art career with parenthood and marital intimacy.

CinemaCon: Chris Rock on 'Madagascar 3'

After "Think Like a Man" debuted with a surprisingly strong $33.6 million at the box office last weekend, many in Hollywood said the film's success signified the need for more films aimed at African American moviegoers.

But comedian Chris Rock, who showed up at a movie theater in New Jersey at 9:50 a.m. last Friday to catch the ensemble comedy, said he thinks the film's resonance has little to do the race of its cast.

Hardaway and Rock in a Lil’ Penny Reunion

It is hard to explain to younger basketball fans, but from 1994 to 1998, Penny Hardaway was a star so famous and so talented that he was rivaling Michael Jordan in popularity. Even harder is explaining that Hardaway’s Nike ads featured a rude puppet alter ego voiced by Chris Rock, one of the biggest names in comedy.

And just try convincing them that at the time, Hardaway was by far the more famous person in that duo.
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